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Does this behavior make the modern man less of a real man?

Another great topic from a great writer and mentor Christine Opanda. 
The 21st century man has proven to be a very different species from the man rooted down in the history of human beings. The man has always been depicted as the strongest, bravest, and most responsible in the household. But the 21st century man has been able to prove otherwise.

This is the kind of man who goes to the spur and enjoys the same privileges as the ladies. They are given body massages, facials and sometimes they apply makeups. This sounds funny right? The 21st century man applies lotion, deodorants and walks with lip balms and lip glows in their pockets.

That is not all, contrary to what is expected of a man, eating heavy meals and in large quantities. The 21st century man is comfortable with a glass of juice in the morning, French fries for lunch and spaghetti for supper. So, does this behavior make the modern man less of a real man?

What defines a real man? In Kenya there are many phrases used to define real men; mwanaume ni nguvu, mwanaume ni wallet and mwanaume ni jasho. Meaning a real man should be strong, financially stable and a little bit dirty. But is this true, must a man be strong and financially stable to prove he is a real man?

Lately men have been really concerned about their physical appearance; how they look and how they dress. This has made them become very cautious and mind a lot about their physical appearances. This is different from the ancient man. Those men from the past never minded about their physical appearances.

As long as they worked hard and provided for their families and protected them, they were comfortable. The ancient man never minded of what they wore and how they looked. They used to have a lot of beard and unshaved long kinky hair. Quite frankly they looked bad.
These ancient men are still depicted stronger than the modern man. They are the kind of men who ate large quantities of heavy food, were strong and it seems they treated ladies better because they are the current sponsors that the young ladies are going for.

Currently younger ladies are leaving their well-groomed made up men for the sponsors who are old. Are they doing so because the modern well-groomed men are incapable of providing and protecting them? Does applying make ups, deodorants, and looking good make the modern man incapable and weaker? Should the modern man go back to look like the ancient man so that they keep their ladies or should they look modern and stay bachelors?