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Just how real is the lady next to you?


When it comes to sexy ladies, guys can testify to this we must stare. We fall and lust for heavy things in women. It’s either the hips, buttox or big breast. ​You see her swaying her hips on the pavements, really nice curves! But then you wonder if what you are admiring is from her mama. That could be hip enhancers, you know. That ample backslide could be a perfect work of a plastic surgery somewhere. That mid cleavage that makes your palms sweat and drifts your mind to another world could be the work of a wonder bra.

Do you see those bushy eyelashes, perfect eyebrows? Does her mum possess them? You don’t have to be told they’re artificial. You remember yourself admiring her well-manicured nails and wishing she was yours because your girlfriend’s are short and nail-bitten? Remember, she can still have the same at a fair cost …that’s if you don’t mind having a fake damsel by your side.

Are women right in what they are doing? In my opinion, they are. We are living in a competitive world, a world of fashion. A world in which, artificial will do the trick, of making you irresistible suddenly. A world when a little plus of the mass of flesh behind your back will make you every man’s dream. A world where having a deeper cleavage than your colleagues will make you more preferred for a job.


This is a world where that classy look will give you a rare chance to advertise fine brands of leading companies on T.V. A new age when you get favors because of how you look. People treat you according to how you dress. With the rapidly changing global fashion trends, the word ‘natural’ is slowly but surely losing its meaning.

You will always hear men complain of fake women but then that will be the same guy who will remind you to do something about your natural hair. The same one who pays you that sweet compliment after you visit the salon. Most popular socialites and celebrities today are fake, yet adored! That’s why I feel women have no better option rather than being fake.

Source: U Report