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Celebrity Style: Olivia Munn

Leggy look: The pretty actress, 37, also showed off her long legs in a tiny orange mini skirt with a silver zipper down the front

Olivia Munn looked stunning as she arrived at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday to promote The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

The actress, 37, showed off her long legs in a tiny orange mini skirt with a silver zipper down the front.

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Kim Kardashian Shows Her Hourglass Figure In New Photos

Glittering glamour: Kim Kardashian showed off her famous hourglass figure in a revealing embellished slit skirt with a white crop top

And Kim Kardashian looked resplendent in an embellished mesh skirt and crop top as she attended the opening of the fashion house’s Los Angeles boutique on Thursday.

Revealing garment: Kim barely maintained her modesty in the transparent skirt, which was covered in glittering stones

The reality star, 36, showed off her famous hourglass figure in the revealing skirt, which was slashed to her thigh.


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Blac Chyna and Baby Dream Cover People’s Magazine 

Beautiful photo of mother and daughter.. 😘


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Celebrity Birthday: Kate Henshaw 🎂


She’s beautiful, a superstar,  a mom, a role model, a visionaire,  an actress, and entrepreneur.  Hmmm!!!  All in one for Kate Henshaw. 


We celebrate you ma!!! 🎁🎈🎉

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Kate Upton Looking Ritzy In Photoshoot

Kate Upton is no doubt one of the sexiest model and woman alive. This photo can proof that 👏


Photography by @sebastianfaena

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Kylie Jenner Flaunts Busty Boobs on IG

What is happening here???  

Her boobs get bigger by the day or is it Photoshopped 😨😨😨😨


What do you think guys.. 

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Photo: Toke Makinwa On Fire In Ibiza


I think her next photo will be with Cristiano Ronaldo.. 

Hot!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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OAP Toolz Releases Breathtaking Photos


Beat fm OAP and new mum toolz oniru celebrated her birthday yesterday with this breathtaking photos. 

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Celebrity Mum: Lilian Esoro Looking Good In New Photoshoot

Photoshoot by Eleanor Goodey Photography.
More below

Credit: MPN 

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Nicki Minaj channels a sexy Grecian goddess in new photos

She nailed it 😱😱😱😱


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15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lotachukwu (kiki In Jenifa’s Diary)

Lotachukwu, also known as Kiki in Jenifa’s diary has revealed some of the things we need to know about her. The single mom of four, who is a beauty to behold revealed that she’s a hopeless romantic and that her mom influenced her life a lot. Here are the 15 things she wrote about herself, that you probably didn’t know about her.

“So many things I can’t write about, but basically, these are the top 15 things about this vintage soul called Lota…

1). My full name is Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia. I named myself Elixir, its the drink of the gods in Ancient Greek and it’s the source of their eternal youth and beauty (I’m a big fan of mythologies). And yes, with a face like this, the potion does exist.

2). I’m very, what I like to call ‘God-aware’. I’m not a Christian (Christ-like) yet, but I think about God in anything thing I do, not that it prevents me from committing sin all the time though. I guess it comes from my name “Lotachukwu” which means “remember God”. I am very scared of The Big Guy, and I try to make amends in my own little way, Like I don’t have s*x the day before I travel. Just one of little things silly things I do to make amends in case I die on the road.

3). My mum is the greatest human influence in my life. And she’s nothing like Prof. Dora Akunyili or the likes, she’s just her and that’s all I want to be. She taught me consciously and unconsciously just about every way I live my life

4). I’m a single mum with 4kids I’d do anything for. And I have a boyfriend called Andre and he’s a 2004 toyota rav4.

5). I’m wired weird. Lol. I don’t see things from the usual or socially acceptable POV. And the quickest way to my heart is to respect my opinion.
6). I am very beautiful but that’s not what makes me attractive. There’s just something about me. Yep, no one has figured it out yet. Personally, I think It’s not just the fact that I’m witty, smart, intelligent, beautiful, selfless, honest, goofy, playful, or the fact that I’m a decent human being with a great sense of humor, it’s the amazing way it’s all combined. And that was me being modest.

7). I’m an optimist. So yeah for me, life is always the sunny side up. I’ve had bad things happen to me, so I understand it could always have being worse. So when things happen and everyone else is complaining and I can’t be bothered, just remember, I see my glass as always half full.

I’m a hopeless romantic with a filthy mind. And that’s putting it mildly on both counts.

9). I’m a Sagittarian royalty. A Sagittarius through and through. Wise like the centaur and straight like an arrow.

10). I talk to myself a lot when I’m alone, which is almost all the time. The reason is simple. I am one of the smartest people I know, and I am easy to talk to and I give great advice. Do you think I’m too old to be a therapist?

11). I have a dance routine to all my favorite songs. So everytime you see me singing, just know there’s an Indian movie thing going on in my head.

12). I’m a sucker for love. Yep, I’m still searching for my one, true love and don’t dare tell me true love doesn’t exist. So it’s understandable that My greatest fear is ‘settling’ into marriage. Getting married for a reason other than “he makes me happy and I’m head over heels in love with him”.

13). I’ve never gone out on a romantic date before, like a dinner or a movie date. Neither have I ever had breakfast in bed or received flowers. At my age, just imagine. Smh
14). I know what my future holds and it doesn’t scare me. I won’t say I see my future, but I’ve always known how It would turn out, I guess that’s my gift. So I know I won’t live till old age. Maybe 35/40 tops, and I’ve accepted that. So love me while you can. But then again, maybe the world will end before y’all can get a chance to eat my funeral rice.  *ntoi*

15). I was made to be a star.”

Source: Information Nigeria 

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So Alluring: Budding Nollywood Actress Parades Hot Bum Bum on Social Media (Photos)

Simon Evia is a tall Nollywood actress with a well structured body that gives her a perfect fitness for clothes. 

 Simon Evia

 Nollywood actresses overtime have one special feature that makes them unique among their colleagues. This ranges from facial looks, height, acting skills, diction, physical endowments, fashion sense and the rest.

 Simon Evia who is also a filmmaker and CEO of Evia Concepts/Entertainment has woken up to the realization that her hot bum bum is a plus to her beautiful face and impressive body structure.

 She has been boldly showing her backside on Instagram with thousands of young Nigerians following her closely.

 See more photos of the budding actress:









Credit: Tori.com 

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Debie Rise is hot!!! are we free to call her a model yet? she shared some pictures on Instagram showing her curves. The dark petite beauty looks stunning in the pictures.

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Beyonce who is expecting her twins in no time from now, carried her 1st daughter up. We guess she is trying to show her, Mom got this!