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Boys Should Leave Relaxed Hair for Women: Review

​I thought I had seen it all when heterosexual men started wearing skinny jeans and carrying  man purses. However, over the holidays, I noticed with a lot of concern that quite a number of men are relaxing their hair now.

Our streets are overrun with bouncy-haired men. What is up with that? When did we get there? I was so not ready! I am down with an occasional manny peddy, but a grown man unashamedly walking around sporting a curly kit?

I just can’t! We love a man who takes care of himself, but we have to draw a line somewhere. I don’t think there are a lot of women who would be comfortable dating a man who has more hair products than they do.

I personally would not want to find myself with a man who spends more time styling his hair in front of the mirror than I do. I can only imagine what it would be like trying to get down and dirty with a man sporting a curly kit. Would he be worried that I am messing up his hair and freak out and run for a comb mid coitus?

It is okay (to some extent) for a man to take pride in his appearance. By all means, dress impeccably, get an occasional facial and get your nails done (the facials and the manny peddies should ideally be done secretly and when someone notices, tell them that is your natural appearance).

But for crying out loud, do not relax your hair! When we told you to get in touch with your feminine side, getting a curly kit is not what we had in mind.

We were talking about you being more sensitive and understanding not about having a cabinet full of hair products. We will be content if you just shower, shave and put on some deodorant. Anything more is unnecessary and might be a little weird.

You are not attracting a whole lot of women when you are trying too hard to be a pretty boy. Even if you consider yourself to be a very masculine man, you should never relax or straighten your hair. That is taking this grooming thing a tad too far.

Women are not crazy about a man who gets a mini heart attack when he can’t find a mirror. We are not saying that we want a scruffy man who has a bush on his head. I think the perfect balance is a well-dressed man who smells good and is just scruffy enough to show off his masculinity. Straightened hair and curly kits are not acceptable. You can be a little metrosexual, but do not take it to the extreme.

Credit: Nancy Roxanne


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