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The Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Feud Rumors: Why Their Once Close Friendship Has Cooled Off


Blac Chyna and Amber Rose reportedly aren’t speaking following Rob Kardashian’s vicious Instagram attack a few weeks ago. An insider told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY where the girls truly stand.

As with any friendship there is always gonna be drama, but every now and then it can get REALLY ugly. That appears to be what’s happened with buddies Blac Chyna, 29, and Amber Rose, 33, who according to a MTO News report are not speaking at the moment. Amber allegedly isn’t cool with how Chyna treated her ex-fiancee Rob Kardashian, 30, while they were together and that’s why she kept her mouth shut after Rob went after Chyna on Instagram recently, posting naked pics of her while accusing her of cheating. Chyna’s recent actions indicate she may not be thrilled with Amber’s public silence, as she booked a serious gig with Ace Diamonds strip club in LA for July 17 — the club that filed a lawsuit against Amber after she trademarked their name.

“Blac and Amber have kind of cooled off for the time being,” a source close to Amber told HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “It’s not an all out war, but Amber thinks Chyna can be too combative and too public with her drama at times, which just leads to more drama. Blac will tell Amber her version of the story, then Amber will get angry on Blac’s behalf, and support her on social media, but then the details of the story start to change.” Click here to see pics of the Instagram war between Blac and Rob!

We hope these two just need a little breathing room before they come around and end this alleged feud. Their friendship has been absolute goals to us for years and we would hate for one fight to ruin everything! Now that Chyna has a restraining order against Rob and partial custody of their daughter Dreamthings should calm down on her end and there may be time to talk things over with Amber.

Source: Hollywoodlife 


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