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Man shoots dead his girlfriend, 35, their son, and the dog in horrifying murder suicide

I ask myself everyday what will make one pick up a gun and murder his/her family. This is not the first news we will hear about this horrible act, but it’s really beginning to be an act and norm to people. May God help us!!!

According to dailymail, the medical director of the American Red Cross killed his infant son, his girlfriend and their pet dog police in Nevada say.

A family shattered. Left to right, their son John. Jr. mom Karen Jackson, and dad Dr. John Lunetta, their bodies were found Monday- police are calling it a murder suicide by Lunetta

Dr. Lunetta, Girlfriend Jackson, and Baby Boy

The bodies of Dr. John Lunetta, 40, his girlfriend Karen Jackson, 35, and their son John Jr. who would have turned one-year-old Wednesday, and the family’s dog were discovered Monday night in their Las Vegas home.

Police say they were called recently to the home over a custodial argument, but not a physical one. Lunetta owned a gun legally. They say he fatally killed his family before turning a gun on himself.

He worked as the medical director for the Nevada region with a focus on their blood services.

Relatives called police about 7.40pm Monday requesting a welfare check.

Neighbors said Lunetta had a reputation for having had many women over to the house before Jackson moved in about a year and a half ago.A picturesque home. A quiet neighborhood left shattered by the news Dr. Lunetta had killed his family and their family dog before turning the gun on himself in their home (pictured)

They never saw the couple fight or argue and they never believed he was capable of murder according to News 3 Las Vegas.

However rumors had emerged that Lunetta was controlling and the couple argued a lot, said some neighbors.


Neighbors said they never saw the woman between her job and her nursing classes according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Jackson was an Air Force veteran, neighbors said. Police have said the woman’s 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship was not home when her family was killed and is now with other family members.

Officers say the bodies may have been inside the home for a day.

Source: dailymail


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