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Tears of a Man: In Review 

According to wikipedia, a man is a male human. The term man is usually reserved for an adult male, with the term boy being the usual term for a male child or adolescent. However, the term man is also sometimes used to identify a male human, regardless of age.

Let’s go back in time, to the very beginning of the world. Christian’s belief  is that man was created by God to head and control everything he has created. God’s intentions to man was good and all was in abundance in the garden of Eden. While scientifically described by Charles Darwin, man evolved from apes. Whatever your belief, the major focus in this article is ‘tears of a man’.

The challenges men face these days varies. it may be financial or emotional, this is a topic that really caught my eye and decided to share it on this platform. In our current society, men and women share mostly equal responsible to the home, compared to the past were the man provides for everything, which in norm it is the responsibility of the man to take care of the home. This doesn’t mean every woman share equal responsibility to the home, few support the man while some are there to spend and care. This leads me to the section of discussion.

There was a friend of mine who shared a very touching story to me. Two years ago he lost his job, he was really in a bad place. his wife was not working but she does petty trade around to take care of some house expense. Things were that bad to the extent the family of the wife had to be buying things in the house. My friend was emotionally down due to his financial brokenness. He was ashamed and also lost interest in seeing or visiting friends and family. But what brought the motivation to his life was his wife who saw him through the wilderness and didn’t judge him, compared to some other women who will probably leave him for greener pastures. This persist for close to a year before the doors of heaven opened up for my friend. He got a better  job, the tears he shed i doubt if it can fill a small container. 
My friend started getting the life back. he bought his wife a car and opened a shop for her to support her business. All what his in laws bought during his trial period, he bought all back in bulk. Now they are very happy and give glory to God for his blessings and grace.

What am i trying to share in this story?

This generation,  it’s known mostly that women are the ones more emotional. Well you should know now,  men are more emotional and they shed tears a lot secretly. 

So if you a man, don’t be ashamed to let your feelings out. We only human and sure we will face challenges in life. Don’t give up or let go,  God is always watching.  I hope this article will change someone’s mind set today. 

Till next time,  I remain Cardozo!!!



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