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This Modern World, Is Quite Upside Down, Would You Agree?

Be it dating, be it marriage, be it raising a family, being together with someone, or simply dealing with life in general.

Everywhere you look, people are dissatisfied with their lives, disillusioned, have no faith in anything, are always afraid to speak their minds, to not to offend someone or not to be labeled as a racist or misogynist, or not open minded and so on.

It sort of seems that the simple values of life that my parents and grandparents tried to teach me, are simply inapplicable in this modern world that we have today.

You can’t be polite to a woman anymore, you are either a stalker, or a woman hater(because obviously me opening the door for a woman, is instantly equal to me thinking that she is a piece of trash that can’t open the door herself, or me offering help to a woman is equal to me thinking she is incapable of taking care of herself…..pfff) or if you go to a park and maybe pass the ball around with a kid and have a laugh, you are a pedophile.

When I was growing up, when we were playing with my friends a bit of soccer or basketball or whatever, if an adult came around and passed the ball with us a couple of rounds, he wasn’t a pedophile, he was simply an adult who had some fun. We had a few laughs, he went on his way and we continued playing.

You can’t question the narrative anymore, debate isn’t encouraged, it’s stifled at every step. I have seen the younger generations than me (I was born in the 80’s), how they pretty much never debate anything. We loved to debate, it should be encouraged, it sharpens the mind. I don’t care if you debate foreign policy, religion, women’s rights, or simply why clothes need to exist, or why the fridge door was open last night. Debating is extremely important in my eyes.

And just nodding your head, agreeing with everything that everyone else says, because you are afraid you would be labeled as an outsider, is one of the worst things you can do to yourself and to the society you are part of. If others call you nuts, call you a nazi (even though you could not be further from being a nazi, but those calling you a nazi have no idea of what national socialism is actually about), if they call you all sorts of names, you shouldn’t be afraid, you should be encouraged.

People like Marie Curie did not get where they were because they kept their mouth shut, or were too afraid to not to offend someone’s feelings, neither did Neil Degrasse Tyson, or Bill Nye, Cristopher Hitchens or even great stand-up comedians like Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor or George Carlin.

Progress in society and in the world in general is not made by being afraid and nodding in agreement.

You can’t raise your kids properly anymore, if you do something that might be even a little fun, you are instantly labeled as a bad parent and hundreds of people who have nothing to do all day than to ruin the lives of others, just jump out of seemingly nowhere, to judge you.

Who are they to judge you, and more importantly, why should you care about what some nobody on some social media, or some angry neighbor says about you.

Sure, if you would take your kids out on a lovely tourist trip in Syria, maybe go to Raqqa, I would understand the outcry, I mean it’s a warzone and you should know better.

But beyond extreme cases like that, why would you care what anyone says about stuff that isn’t even remotely their business. It’s your life, your family, you know your life and your kids better than some angry nobody ranting ridiculous insults towards you.

By current standards, you should put your kids in a protective bubble, build walls around their minds and put them in a safe space bubble, never allowing them even one inch of freedom, and always raise them how social media, television and those awful “how to raise your kids” books tell you.

As if they would know, as if they would know and correctly analyze and predict the exact proper way you should do your job as a parent, because obviously they know your life, and your family better than you do. The arrogance from some of these people just boggles the mind.

The more I look towards the outside world, the more pessimistic I get. People getting fired for telling a stupid joke that “offended” someone, others being labeled as nazi lovers because they asked questions about migration or that they felt that national interests of the country, should come before other interests.

Or being labeled as communists, not because they want a communist dictatorship, but because they simply care for other humans, because they want free healthcare and want to help the poor, because not all beggars are just career beggars, some of them actually need a helping hand to get them back on their feet.

Others being labeled as racists and woman haters because they point out that women in the western world have it actually quite good, compared to women in Saudi Arabia for example. And that the feminist effort should be concentrated on liberating all women around the world, those who have it much worse than women in the west, instead of hating on men in the west and calling them as “cis scum”, wishing all men would die and so on.

At times I look around, and I feel as if everything has been turned upside down and inside out, as if things that should make sense, simply do not anymore. And things that should actually be “common sense” have somehow become a sort of “rare sense”.

Everyone is too busy being afraid of something, or hating something or someone, and in the meantime we simply forget to care about one another, to live with one another.

We managed to destroy the concept of a family, we managed to destroy the concept of being together with someone, being married with someone, we are doing our best to stifle free thinking, and label everyone who disagrees with us in the worst possible manner.

Because why try and read, inform yourself about any subject and form an independent thought of your own even if your thoughts would be incorrect, when you can quickly google something and try and smear your googled result all over the face of the one you disagree with.

Even though google is not the grandfather of all knowledge, and a lot of times your gracious googled results are either wrongfully interpreted by you, or are simply wrong.

We polarize everything, either you are with me or you are against me, there is no middle road anymore.

We try our best to rip the roots of the entirety of society from under our feet, without regard,without consideration for the consequences.

And then we sort of wonder why we can’t find anyone to be together with anymore, why it’s so difficult to maintain a relationship and have a family in this world, why we are feeling empty, even though we have it all, compared to previous generations. And why seemingly we become more and more distant from our own humanity.

Maybe this change and shift in all norms in society is what we need, maybe I’m wrong and it’s just that nostalgia hitting me as others have mentioned. By the way, by nostalgia I’m not talking about the decades, as the 80’s were better than the 90’s or the 90’s were better than the 2000’s because each decade had it’s ups and downs, I’m talking nostalgia in the sense of basic norms, rules, guidelines,values, written and unwritten in society that were pretty much valid, up to around the mid 90’s.

So… what do you think? Please leave me a comment …

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