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Actress Empress Njamah on Domestic Violence: “Blame The Women Too, Men Not Always At Fault”

Nollywood Actress, Empress Njamah has declared that men shouldn’t be entirely blamed when there’s issue of domestic violence in a relationship.

According to her, sometimes the women torment men mentally. She said women should learn to help men manage their anger.

“There are Men who are more beaten up emotionally than the women they beat up physically. Some women are headstrong and can traumatize their men mentally that they don’t know when they hit in anger.

A man might have experienced one or two things growing up. These Men need us to be supportive. Women should help these Men control their anger. Stop getting advise from single women, don’t let them mislead you, instead read books……Men are Babies, they wanted to be treated like babies and that is why some go on to cheat when their wives are frustrating them”


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