CB Readers A Lady Who Broke Up With Her Boyfriend For A New Guy Needs Your Advise

One of our Reader who is in quite a dilemma has shared with us a story about her “weird love life”. Read Below:

My name is Mabel, am 22, a student, and I school at Delsu. I really need help am confused and don’t know what to do.
I had a boyfriend I was dating for 5 months now, he was everything I could ever wish for,- he was talented,God fearing, good looking and respectful. But my only problem I had with him was the distance.

He resides at Lagos state and I reside in Delta. We hardly see, all we did was talk and chat and it wasn’t really good for me. Because I needed someone always by me since am this emotional kind of person.

Then came along this lovely guy that graduated from school, he had a girlfriend in my school of which I was aware, we became good friends and He asked me out due to the way we were so close and I was always comfortable and feeling loved around him I had to agree to date him amidst all situation around us.

He was this sweet and loving person I know, he gave me all the attention I ever needed and was everything I could ever ask for. I even had to break up with the guy I was dating before because I thought I had found my Mr. Perfect( I told my ex I had found someone else who was always close to me. And he was like if am happy with my decision he won’t stop me. I should make my self happy).

The new guy always assured me things will be fine of which I don’t know what he meant by that (maybe he wanted to leave his gf for me ) Things were going all fine until he started misbehaving taking me for granted and was always lying to me(aghhh I hate it when u lie to me and especially when it comes from someone I love.) and taking me for a fool( am this intelligent girl, I perceive things even before they happen).

He always want me to talk about my past relationships and how I broke up with my ex boyfriend, but when ever I ask about his girlfriend he will just come up with flimsy excuse and start acting up. It made me look like I was a fool, and he doesn’t respect me, because he always hold the other girl in high esteem more than me and its not suppose to be so It got to a point we could no longer tolerate each other and we broke up few days back.

My problem now is I have lost two guys due to my anger, stupidity and been impatient with guys.

Please what do I do? Am feeling heart broken and like I lost .

Going back to my ex is not an option because I was harsh on him.

Am confused, pained, felling dejected, feeling used , and ashamed as well.
I really love him but since there’s another girl in the picture I don’t know what to do.

Please help a sister in need.. So I don’t go nuts and crazy.

I always fall for love easily I don’t know why guys always want to take me for granted .

Credit from YBL