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Interview With Adegboyega: The Young Urban- Afro Artist Trending In The Music Industry. 

1. Tell us a bit about your background. Where were you born?

My Father is from Ekiti state and my mother is a Lagosian. I was born and bred in Lagos state but Im from Ekiti state.

2. How was life growing up? 

 Growing up for me was magical as I child. My parents spoilt me but also taught me moral values. I was brought up around music as young as I can remember.

3. At what age in your life did you decide you wanted to go into music? 

 I actually decided late in my life. This was 300level Redeemers University 2010.

4. Is being a celebrity a burden or a blessing or a bit of both?

 Definitely a bit of both. A blessing in the sense that you can touch so many people by not even seeing them. A burden in the sense that they demand alot of from you & expect you to be perfect  forgetting your human as well.

5. What challenged have you had to as an artist? 

Getting your music out there is the biggest challenge because it is very capital intensive.

6. In your opinion,  what is the most difficult part about writing rap music? 

I dont do rap music. I do Urban Afro music.  My apologies for the confusion,  knew you back then to be a superstar rapper. 

7. What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever told you? 

That she wants to sleep with me so she can tell everybody I laid with the Adegboyega..  Lol!  superstar..  Wow that’s interesting. 

8. Your stage performances are off the hook, do you get stage fright?

Not stage fright, I just get apprehensive because I’m a perfectionist but once the music hits my soul its smooth smailing all the way.

9. Which other artists are you looking to work with or have something coming out with? 

 I wanna work with everybody. Femi kuti, lagbaja, KSA, wizkid, davido.

10. If you had a chance to work with one artist in the world,  who would it be? 

Kanye West

11. What are your top 3 songs on your phone playlist right bow? 

Adegboyega – Faya Dance

      Drake – Teenage Fever

      Kendrick – Humble

12. Are you single? 

Very Single

13. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians? 

Be true to yourself, discover yourself, dedication, hardwork & prayer

14. What’s next for Adegboyega?

More Music, more videos, indigenous and international collaborations. Spreading the word about the brand “Adegboyega”

Thank you for giving us this precious time to have this short interview with you.  We wish you the best and see you at the top. 

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