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Video: Youths binge on cheap beer at free-access concert and pass out

Concert organizers in Ghana came up with a brilliant idea to entice youths to attend their event that featured local artistes as well as Dancehall star Shatta Wale over the Easter weekend.

They made it free to access the concert, albeit with the proviso that the revelers must buy a popular local beer brand named “Adonko Bitters,” which was suitably cheaply priced.

Their idea worked well and, if pictures of the aftermath are anything to go by, even exceeded their expectations.

Youths binge on cheap beer at free-access concert and pass out

Dozens of young revelers were absolutely knocked out

It turned out that young revelers did turn up, but they also bought and drank Adonko Bitters—lots of it, and throughout the night.

Pictures of the morning after showed dozens of them sprawled out on the concert grounds in various states of inebriation. A good number of them were just totally sloshed out.

Others were seen sleeping in quite unnatural shapes and angles. One would swear if the end of the world came at that very moment, they wouldn’t be bothered one bit.

There was criticism of both the youths and the concert’s organizers on social media. One commenter, Stephen Donwell, said: “What a shame on alcohol producers, for our youth to pass out for 10 Ghana cedis (N759)…..what a future this country has with alcoholic companies?”

Another one, Israel Ampadu, said: “If you believed everything, you would buy everything! That is exactly what happened to these young people.”

Check out a video of some of the sloshed revelers below.