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You’II Never Know

An open letter to someone who’d never notice.
I’m not sure if you noticed. You have your life, your perspective, your career, your circle of friends, you have someone you love. While I, I’m not even part of that big world of yours. I have a haven for myself. But have I ever told you? You are the door forced open after a strong wind that allows the little light in my own abode. Have I ever told you that you are the glue which made my heart intact? I bet no. I didn’t tell you any of those things. I didn’t mention how happy I am when I see your name on my news feed. Heck, I didn’t even had the guts to even say hi. And did you notice? I like one of your posts each day even though it took me all my might not to leave a comment. I sent you a message just asking pure questions hoping you would like my company but I guess you didn’t because you only answered them as limited as you can. I knew it would happen. Despite all that, I still want you to know that it’s enchanting to be one of your Facebook friends. I want you to feel that there’s someone here who likes you. I want you to know that I care. I’m sorry for putting it all here, by the way. I know for a fact that you won’t believe me if I say these things directly to you. Because dear, I only know you online. I only like your posts. I’m just the girl who comments on your status sometimes. I’m the girl you wouldn’t think of falling for you. But I did. And now, I wish you’ll notice.