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Marriage Isn ’ t For Everyone – Nollywood Producer

Nollywood actress and producer , Lilia Afegbai has given her take on marriage via an IG post 

She wrote :

It’ s so annoying to know you will never be enough for most men, no matter how you try . .So what ’ s the point of trying to fit in and do what they want all to make it work ,and then in the end we get heart broken. I can never judge any woman because the truth is the guys can drive you insane, You start to question your self,If it ’ s wrong to fall in love… I know there are still a few good men out there but the question is can they go around ????? So now I think to myself maybe this marriage isn ’t for everyone !!!!!!That shit sucks but it ’s the godamn truth …… ..Am just gonna do what makes me happy f** k what y ’all think ??????

Source: Live Ofofo