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Gorgeous solo wedding photo shoot of woman with terminal cancer’s last wish

Four years ago, 27-year-old Q May Chen of Taipei, Taiwan, beat breast cancer four years ago. But two years later, it came back, and this time it had advanced to a terminal diagnosis. So, as a present to herself, Chen decided made one of her lifelong dreams come true:to have a beautiful wedding shoot, solo.

She told that she’s loved dressing up, taking photos and feeling beautiful ever since she was a child.

Like many of her friends, she dreamed of the day that she would be able to have a glamorous photo shoot on her wedding day, but she was always waiting for the right guy, and the right time to do it. But when she got sick, she realized that the only time is now, and the only person she needs is herself.

“Time is very valuable, every moment can not be wasted,”she said. “I do not have to wait; I can complete my own dream.”

She used wore four different wedding gowns on the big day, each one representing a different side of her. More pics below…

Source: Dailymail