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Listen : Remy Ma disses Nicki Minaj in new track Shether

Nicki Minaj’s feud with Remy Ma has been reignited after the pair attacked one another in newly released tracks.

On Friday, Nicki released a collaboration with rapper Gucci Mane titled Make Love, which fans speculated  was aimed at rapper Remy.

Then on Saturday, Remy fired back with a seven-minute diss track, naming Nicki as the target and the intern et has gone wild as everyone feels she completely won.

Though Nicki did not actually name Remy,the lyrics weren’t hard to decipher.

Oooohhh, oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here?/One platinum plaque, album flopped, b***h, where?/Hahaha, ahhhhh/I took two bars off just to laugh.
‘You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap/You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques/S, plural like the S on my chest.’Nicki rapped

In response,Remy released a direct diss track to Nicki title ShETHER
Her song began with a repetition of ‘F***k Nicki Minaj.’Remy also dragged her foe’s ex Meek Mill into the mess, spitting:

‘And I saw Meek at [NBA] All-Star [Game], he told me your a** dropped/He couldn’t f*** you for three months because your a** dropped/Now I don’t think y’all understand how bad her a** got/The implants that she had put in her a** popped.’

Source: MPN