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BREAKING: Horrifying moment Melbourne plane crashes into shopping centre (Video) 

The shocking moment a plane plummeted and smashed into a shopping centre killing all on board has been caught on dashcam.


Dashcam footage of plane crashNINE NEWS

CHILLING: Dashcam footage captures moment plane plummets

The final moments of doomed light aircraft are shown as it speeds towards the DTFO centre in Melbourne.

Pilot Max Quartermain made two mayday calls to flight control after the aircraft suffered a “catastrophic engine failure”.

It is believed that all four passengers and the pilot were killed in the crash and the following blast.

Witness Jason from Adelaide was travelling in a taxi when he saw the plane burst into a fireball.

He said: “The plane was coming way, way fast. I thought that’s faster than normal.

“It looked like it hit the building, there was a massive fireball. I could feel the heat through the window.’

Lord have mercy!!!