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One on One With The CEO of Dow101% Empire

Looking at the situation in Nigeria and the economy as a whole, nothing is helping matters especially to the youths of this nation. I got the privilege to meet with one of the inspiring youths of our time. She started baking as far back as four years ago and never knew her dreams and achievements will be this big. 

Ladies and gentlemen meet Amara.

When did you realise you got the skills to bake?
I started baking in 2013,went into events planning and management and Interiors officially 2016.

What inspired you to go into baking business and not working in an organization?

Funny enough, I never liked business as a matter of fact I grew up thinking those who do business are the less fortunate who does it to make ends meet never knew the world is run by business men and women. I would say I didn’t choose business, business choose me. Having found this path, I’ve decided not to work in any organization, because your job isn’t secured in the hands of any employer.. Your first day at work may be your last… Your life is full of uncertainties working under an organization

What motivates you to do what you love?

My motivation is God having told me in His word that I’d be a glorious business woman and also my vision is my motivation.

What advise will you give upcoming bakers and business owners today?

My advice to upcoming bakers and business men and women is never give up on your dreams.. The beginning is always tough but despise not the days of little beginning.

Thank you Amara for this short inspiring  interview, hope to get one of your delicious cakes soon? Laffs!!!

Talking about her designs and cakes, check it out..

It is delicious, yummy and very affordable in whatever shape or sizes you want.

To get more pictures and to follow Amara’s trends. Please follow her on; 

BBM Channel: Coo3F56CE

Instagram handle: @dow101empire

Whatsapp number: 08034568909