A sponsored article that touches not only the heart but the soul.

Heart ache, soul cry! The worst nightmare was her name followed by his surname but not his name in the middle. The dream she saw broke into pieces when they both didn’t acted on time. He need to forget while she need to regret it for the whole life dying. See what he did, he made her start writing with her not so good control on this language. Just for him, she started writing years back. She know fate betrayed her, gave her the surname which she wanted but not the person! You say, how will she survive. How will she live her life when he is not beside her. Her heart ache everyday, and she cry it out with the song he once dedicated to her. Sitting in the place they used to hangout remembering those days of laughter n joy. Her happinesss is with him. Keep it safe. 

-by a soul who can never rest in peace.