OMG!! Man gets stuck during S3@.x:’ with married woman (photos,video)

According to eDaily, the duo were having the fun of their lives while the husband was away on business trip. It was said that the husband of the woman must have approached a local witch-doctor after suspecting that his wife was engaging in extra marital affairs and used a charm to try to catch her by ‘lacing’ her private part.

The duo while still in the hotel stuck together, awaiting help. 

After the two lovers realized that the man was stuck inside, they began calling for help, which soon turned into screams as they became more desperate to unlock. It was then that people gathered to view the drama as the two were wrapped in a cloth. Authorities had to be called in to restore order at West Gauge hotel around Daraja Mbili Market in Kisii County area of the country after a crowd gathered to see the cheating duo.

The duo being helped by men out of the hotel bedThe duo being helped by men out of the hotel bed

Experts say the occurrence is not new and have described the incident as ‘Pen.!s captivus’, in which the woman’s V@.g!na had contracted too much and trapped the man’s Pen.!s.

Crowd gather to mob the cheating duo while they were being carried out of the hotel into the car

Crowd waiting in front of the herbalist's house to see the end result of the whole showCrowd waiting in front of the herbalist’s house to see the end result of the whole show

Watch video below:

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