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Giving Support At Difficult Times (Part 1)

Any relationship has difficult times. They may occur for a variety of reasons, like loss of job, death, illness, or just not enough rest. At these difficult times the most important thing is to try to communicate with a loving,  validating and approving attitude. In addition we need to accept and understand that we and our partners will not always be perfect. By learning successfully to communicate in response to the smaller upsets in a relationship it becomes easier to deal with the bigger challenges when they suddenly appear. 

In each of the above examples I have placed the woman in the role of being upset with the man for something he did or didn’t do. Certainly men can also be upset with women,  and any of my suggestions listed above apply equally to both sexes. If you are in a relationship, asking your partner how he or she would respond to the suggestions listed above is a useful exercise. 

Take some time when you are not upset with your partner to discover what words work best for them and share what works best for you. Adopting a few “prearranged agreed-upon statements” can be immensely helpful to neutralize tension when conflict arises. 

I will discuss further and give a conclusion to this discussion. Till next time,  do have a blessed day.