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Trust God,  Not Human Reason 

Proverbs 3:5

This Bible passage explains that we shouldn’t rely on reasoning. Reasoning opens the door for deception and brings much confusion. 

You and I can ponder a thing in our heart, we can hold it before the Lord and see if He desires to give us understanding, but the minute we start feeling confused,  we have gone too far. 

Reasoning is dangerous for many reasons, but one of them is this; we can reason and figure something out that seems to make sense to us. But what we have reasoned to be correct may still be incorrect. 

The human mind likes logic and order and reason. It likes to deal with what it understands. Therefore,  we have a tendency to put things into little sins in the compartments of our mind,  thinking. “This must be the way,  it is because it fits so nicely love. ” we can find something our minds are comfortable with and still be totally wrong. 

As we have seen,  the mind does,  at times,  and the spirit. The mind and the spirit do work together,  but the spirit is the more noble organ and should always be honored above the mind. 

I finally realized that in many instances, the less I know,  the happier I am. Sometimes we find out so much it makes us quite miserable.