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Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard: Spotted Nearly Kissing!!!!!!

Brad Pitt has been caught nearly kissing Marion Cotillard.

What sort of wrench will this throw into Pitt’s divorce proceedings with Angelina Jolie?

Will she use the image below against her estranged husband in her plans to secure full legal custody of the stars’ six children?

What impact will this development have on Pitt’s global popularity?

No wrench. No way for Jolie to use this photo against Pitt. And no impact at all on Pitt’s standing with millions of fans around the globe.

How come? Because the image in question is a movie poster!

HA! Got ya!

Sorry, but we had to.

The first promotional poster for Pitt and Cotillard’s upcoming World War II romantic drama, Allied, has hit the Internet.

Source: Hollywoodgossip