How Women Unknowingly Start Arguments (Part 1)

The most common way women unknowingly start arguments is by not being direct when they share their feelings. Instead of directly expressing her dislike or disappointment, a woman asks rhetorical questions and unknowingly (or knowingly)  communicates a message she wants to give it is generally what a man will hear. 

For example, when a man is late, a woman may feel “I don’t like waiting for you when you are late” or “I was worried that something had happened to you. ” When he arrives, instead of directly sharing her feelings she asks a rhetorical question like “How could you be so late? ‘ or “What am I supposed to think when you’re so late? ” or “Why didn’t you call? ”

Certainly asking someone “Why didn’t you call? ” is OK if you are sincerely looking for a valid reason. But when a woman is upset the tone of her voice often reveals that she is not looking for a valid answer but is making the point that there is no acceptance reason for being late. 

Just as women need validation, men need approval. The more a man loves a woman the more he needs her approval. It is always there in the beginning of a relationship. Either she give him the message that she approves of him or he feels confident that he can win her approval. In either case the approval is present. 

Even if a woman has been wounded by other men or her father she will still give approval in the beginning of the relationship. She may feel “He is a special man, not like others I have known.”

Watch out for the other chapter of this topic, till next time have a wonderful day guys.