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Gigi Hadid Is the Ultimate It Girl on the Cover of Vogue

Gigi Hadid -Vogue It Girl Style

She is an overnight success 21 years in the making, since the day Paul Marciano, of Guess Jeans, put Gigi Hadid in Baby Guess and then Guess Kids. In fact, she retired from modeling for more than a decade to go to school, ride horses, and grow up.

Gigi Hadid -Vogue It Girl Style

A little over two years ago, Hadid came back, and before the paparazzi could load their memory cards, she had a place in New York and a student ID at the New School (forensics and abnormal psychology). Tom Ford was one of the first to spot her, eventually featuring her in his Velvet Orchid campaign. She has just launched a capsule collection with Tommy Hilfiger, and was chosen by Donatella Versace to be a face of her current collection. Versace sees Hadid as this moment’s icon, an archetype of the modern age: “For me, she symbolizes a new generation of young women who are totally in control of their own destiny, women who will shape the 21st century on their own terms.”Gigi Hadid -Vogue It Girl Style

As Hadid herself has said, “I came along at a time when fashion was ready for me.”


Source: Vogue