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Blac Chyna Tweets Rob Kardashian’s Phone Number: Is Their Romance Over Forever?

Blac Chyna, 28, just did the unforgivable, she posted Rob Kardashian‘s phone number on Twitter on Sept. 29, saying, “Rob Kardashian Number. (818) 317-5131 !” At this time, the number seems to have been disconnected, but that’s probably because the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 29, got an influx of unwanted phone calls from his fans.

What’s interesting is that Rob did the same thing to his sister, Kylie Jenner, just two days prior, when she andKim Kardashian failed to invite Blac to a baby shower they were throwing for her and Rob’s unborn baby.

Does this mean this is the end of Blac and Rob’s romance forever? Not so fast. Blac actually posted Rob’s phone number on social media because she wanted him to have to change his number — that way, “bitches, who had his number before,” would stop texting him and trying to get in his pants. She said, “we good,” in reference to their relationship status and then, when she asked Rob how he felt about her posting his number online, he said, “good.” Interesting. 

As we previously told you, Rob and Chyna had reunited on Sept. 28, after being apart for a number of weeks. In fact, he was spotted rubbing her pregnant belly in a Snapchat video she posted. Thank goodness they’re back together. Obviously, the posting of his number seems a bit dramatic, but as long as they’re happy, that’s all we care about.