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She Needs Reassurance And He Needs Encouragement 

When a man repeatedly shows that he cares,  understands,  respects, validates and is devoted to his partner,  her primary need to be reassured is fulfilled. A reassuring attitude tells a woman that she is continually loved. 

A man commonly makes the mistake of thinking that once he has met all of a woman’s primary love needs,  and she feels happy and secure,  that she should know from then on that she is loved. This is not the case. To fulfill her sixth primary love need he must remember to reassure her again and again. 

Similarly,  a man primarily needs to be encouraged by a woman. A woman’s encouraging attitude gives hope and courage to a man by expressing confidence in his abilities and character. When a woman’s attitude expresses trust,  acceptance,  appreciation,  admiration and approval it encourages a man to be all that he can be. Feeling encouraged motivates him to give her the loving reassurance that she needs. 

The best comes out in a man when his six primary love needs are fulfilled. But when a woman doesn’t know what he primarily needs and gives a caring love rather than a trusting love,  she may unknowingly sabotage their relationship.