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She Needs Validation And He Needs Approval 

When a man does not object to or argue with a woman’s feelings and wants but instead accepts and conforms their validity,  a woman truly feels loved because her fifth primary need is fulfilled. A man’s validating attitude conforms a woman’s right to feel the way she does. (It is important to remember one can validate her point of view while having a different point of view) When a man learns how to let a woman know that he has this validating attitude,  he is assured of getting the approval that he primarily needs. 

Deep inside,  every man wants to be his woman’s hero or Knight in shining armour. The signal that he has passed her tests is her approval. A woman’s approving attitude acknowledges the goodness in a man and expresses overall satisfaction with him. (Remember;  giving approval to a man doesn’t always mean agreeing with him.)  An approving attitude recognizes or looks for the good reasons behind what he does. When he receives the approval he needs,  it becomes easier for him to validate her feelings. 

Inspired by the legendary John Gray..