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She Needs Respect  And He Needs Appreciation

When a man responds to a woman in a way that acknowledges and prioritizes her rights,  wishes and needs,  she feels respected. When his behaviour takes into consideration her thoughts and feelings,  she is sure to feel respected. Concrete and physical expressions of respect,  like flowers and remembering anniversaries,  are essential to fulfill a woman’s third primary love need.  When she feels respected it is much easier for her to give her man the appreciation that he deserves. 

When a woman acknowledges having received personal benefit and value from a mans efforts and behaviour,  he feels appreciated. Appreciation is the natural reaction to being supported. When a man is appreciated he knows his effort is not wasted and is thus encouraged to give more. When a man is appreciated he is automatically empowered and motivated to respect his partner more. 

As we continue to read and infuse this into our various relationships,  am sure all will be well and good. This article is also open to critic. 

Inspired by John Gray.