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Cardozo Interviews Lil Dizzie

He is not an upcoming artiste,  his a fast super star in the making.  Today I had the opportunity of meeting and interviewing him one on one,  Ladies and Gentlemen  I give you Lil Dizzie. 

1. Tell us a bit of your background. Where were you born?

My real name is Oluwafemi Opatundun with stage name “Lil Dizzie”, Born
in Kaduna State, Nigeria; The last child out of four. Father is an
Instructor Pilot in the Nigeria Air-Force Aviation College and Mother
Medical Practitioner (Matron) rtd.

2. How was life growing up?

Growing up was awesome, Lived half of my entire life in the barracks
(Sam-Ethnam Airforce Base Ikeja, Lagos).

3. At what age in your life did you decide you wanted to get into music?

My music life started way back in my secondary school days but it
became a career in 2010 after I discovered the passion and love I had
for it.

4. Is being a celebrity a burden or a blessing or a bit of both ?

Lol, Its a 2 way thing ; It can be a blessing and at the same time a
burden. In terms of Blessings, it gives favors in connecting with
other artist outside your geographical area and also brings out the
recognition needed for contracts and endorsement deals. As for burden,
when the music industry is competitive, artist have no time to rest or
chill, we always in the studio coming up with something unique and
different to keep our music on-top and let our fans enjoy its Rhythm,
production & lyrical content. Sometimes, I spend 2-3 days in the
studio with little sleep and when this happens, Headache is the order
of the day lol. Also shows/Events/Concerts as well, After the whole
performance, the body need rest due to the energetic display just to
please our fans and make them happy.

5. What challenged have you had to as an artist?

Alot, As an artist and when you need financial support from families &
friends, some stylish insults are attached and we have no choice but
swallow them. My music struggle has been rough with friends/families
in a way that they promise and fail. To be honest, Have asked and also
begged for financial support eventho I knew i could ask my father but
we know these military men, they don’t see music as a way of life
instead they want you to work, go to the office and get paid

6. In your opinion,  what is the most difficult part about writing rap music?

Nothing ! Although, Combining these lyrical contents and fixing them
in the right lines can be stressful. If your punchlines are wack and
weak, Get ready for critics & fans to frustrate you but if they are
awesome & heavy, you definitely enjoy the good side of rap music.

7. What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever told you?

Hmmmmm Nothing really because i actually interact with almost all of
them freely but one weird thing happened 2012 in ghana at Dee House
Entertainment Concert when some set of guys (about 4 of them)  who
liked my performance walked up to me and offered me “weed” #igbo and I
told them I don’t smoke ; they admitted I was feeling proud and didn’t
want to share the love, so one said “charlie, you dog mi, u fool paaa
; kwasia !!! It was obvious I knew they got pained and ended up
insulting me but i wasn’t surprised because I knew its never possible
to please everybody.

8. You recently worked on a trap music. How was it working on the

trending genre in the hiphop world ?

Na God oh !!! The way the whole thing happened was magical. I first
got a tweet from a dj in South Africa with the name “Major -Slim Dj”
We got talking and decided to work on a collaboration, To my biggest
surprise, The beat he got was from one of the biggest Trap producer in
NC #USA with the name “J. Fitts”. Although it was a bit stressful for
me as it was my first time recording on a trap beat and again, when
working with a dj, you the artist do 99% of the song and its lyrical
content alone but because i loved the beat, I ignored all negative
thoughts and did all recording without stress. Thanking God now, the
song is gradually trending in and outside Africa ;I never knew the
producer at first but after the song, we got closer and became good
friends. Presently on a project with J.Fitts as my next single will be
produced by Him.

9. Which other artists are you looking to work with or have something
coming out with ?

For now ; No artist on my mind ; but soonest, will be dropping a new
single and it will be produced by J.Fitts.

10. If you had a chance to work with one artist in the world,  who would it be ?

  Hmmmm, a tough question. I don’t think I have one, I have alot oh
but if i must pick one, Then it will be “D’banj. 

11. What are your top 3 songs on your phone playlist right bow?

 If I should be honest “1 – Ice prince – That could be us / 2 – Dee
Moneey feat Paedae, Ice Prince, Reminisce, Jtown & Manifest – Finish
Line (Remix) / 3 – Iyanya – Finito

12. Are you single?


14. What’s next for Lil Dizzie ?

Great things ahead of me with massive achievements and success.
Especially more collaborations and songs from me in and out of Africa.

15. Saw an article on lil Dizzie today in City People’s Magazine. What
was your reaction when you saw it?

WOW !!! All I said was “Oluwa is Involved”. I don’t really know people
in the Nigeria Entertainment industry but with God, Anything is
possible. I just do my thing, Pray to God and watch him bless me.

16 Are you signed up any record label ?

Yes – #ASR “Ak Smalls Records & #ASE Ak Smalls Entertainment Worldwide
; owned by Ayokunle Bisiryu generally known as Ak Smalls #Uk

17 – Is the Record label here in Nigeria ?

Presently no but should be in Nigeria before 2017. For now United Kingdom.

18 – How many artist are signed in the record label

For now, Just me.

19 – Have come across Ak Smalls before in some events in Uk, Is it
connected with the record label ?

Oh Yes, Its still the same AK SMALLS but whenever you see
Concerts/Events/Shows with Ak Smalls, That’s connected with “Ak Smalls
Entertainment”. Its still One person.

20 – It seems AK SMALLS is really doing big in the Uk as the name sounds

familiar in the entertainment industry, Can you tell us more about the
Entertainment ?

                                              AK Smalls

Yea, Ak Smalls is no new name as he has been connected with several
shows in Uk and also bringing in Nigerian artist to concerts, events &
Carnivals. Ak Smalls Records #ASR is basically on the music session
more concern with its artist while Ak Smalls Entertainment is generally concerned with everything connecting with Entertainment in general. 

It was really a privilege to be given this opportunity to interview one of the best yet to come in the hip hop industry.  Sure the predecessors of rap in this country will open all arms wide to welcome this talented artiste.